Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask from Organic Skin Care brand Teal & Terra

I happened to use ‘TEAL & TERRA PEEL OFF MASK with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL’ recently. Well charcoal has been really stealing the show nowadays for its cleansing and beautifying properties, so I thought why don’t I also give it a try and get under the black layer of magic. Here again the packing impresses me as the product is not in a jar or a pot. It’s packed in a tube where we can squeeze out the right amount required and we do not contaminate the rest of it. This one came out from the tube as smooth and slimy, which means it spread well and evenly over my face but also stuck to it, no slipping and dripping, so no mess. Ad we all know charcoal cleanses the impurities. The aloe Vera in this mask moisturizes. Vitamin E, Tea tree oil, Rosemary oil are excellent foods for skin. The skin gets tonic from the grape fruit extract, peppermint oil and witch hazel. While calendula oil relaxes the skin. When the mask dries off there’s no stretchy or drying feeling. The mask is smooth and can be comfortably peeled off. So no washing. It left my skin looking plump, youthful, brighter, cleansed and clearer.

I noticed that my face looked a little fairer, perhaps I lost the tanning on my face, blackheads were gone, pores were minimized and there was a pink glow on my face…. And yes it wasn’t love it was the MASK.!!

Price : ₹1090/-

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