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Singer Arzutra Garielle’s Fashion Insights

Tell us something about yourself : Raised by a single mother, British Asian Popstar, Arzutra, launched her debut album ‘Woh Pal; For her Debut album she was lucky enough to work with Dubai based producer, Atif Ali, who has work on several Bollywood films and tv serials. Having African parents and Indian roots, Arzutra has devoted herself to a musical style influenced by Bollywood.

Arzutra Garielle recently launched her Debut Album ‘Woh Pal’ & is soon to announce the date of her 2nd Album.

With a hard upbringing Arzutra says. “My parents used to fight when i was a child and hence I always turned to he arts to keep myself occupied. I got into music to find peace & distance myself from the pain of their screaming voices. By making music, Arzutra believes she can entertain music lovers all across the world as she fuses her Western with Eastern influences into her songs. Arzutra’s music evokes a sense of emotion in all of her songs, predominantly the emotion of Love.

People know me as : Arzutra Garielle
Age : 32
Profession : singer
Website/Social Media Page Links :

One word that describes me best : wild
As a person I am : crazy
Fashion to me is : whatever you want it to be
My sense of style : sophisticated
Style Icon : Kim Kardashian
Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Alexander McQueen
Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Pretty Woman
One thing that makes me feel sexy : big hair

6 wardrobe essentials : vest tops, slippers, bedtime socks, shawl, jumper, sunglasses
My ideal outfit for a fun party : polka dot dress
For formal work setting : black skinny trousers and a smart fitted body top
For casual day out with friends : velvet fitted trousers with a vest top
For a hot date : a red maxi dress with a slit in the side
On a beach holiday : mesh dress

Fashion trend I cannot stand : pointed shoes
Brands / Designers you wear : Burberry, Versace
Favourite shopping destination : Dubai Mall
A Perfume I swear by : Eterniy for women

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Victoria‘s Secret
A valuable beauty tip : sleep no later than 11pm
One makeup product you can’t go out without : foundation

One message to the world : live on your own terms.

COVID19 Lockdown Queen

Every woman is a queen. Real queen does not need crown to rule over her kingdom. She does not need throne to sit & rule with wisdom. Her soul is a royalty. She wears a crown built from her spine of her inner strength & modesty with sparkling jewels to represent her each & every quality. A queen will turn pain into power. And when all glitter fades there still be stardust in her veins. To all the women who no longer believe in fairy tales or happy endings, you are the writer of this story. Chin up & straighten your crown, you’re the queen of this kingdom & only you know how to rule it. Woman like you don’t happen often, never forget about how rare you are. 

Muse : Komila Sunejadhar

Mua : Shivani Goyal

Styling & Concept : Adarsh Garg

Photographer : Tamanna Satsangi

Location Courtesy : Heritage Hotel Avtar Mansion

There lives a Mary in every Kom

A Tribute to every Woman :

A Strong Woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter.

She is both soft and powerful, is both practical and spiritual.

In her essence a Strong Woman is a gift to the world……

There lives a Mary in every Kom!!!!!!
The hidden fighter , the quiet but relentless warrior , the one who never gives up, lives there in every woman .
The more you want to achieve while balancing your various roles ,more Is the number of times you have to pick yourself up and keep going !
The strongest women love beyond all faults , will cry behind the closed door , wear the shiniest smile and still
Be the beautiful partner n softest part of the home !

Model : Komila Sunejadhar

Mua : Shivani Goyal

Concept & Styling : Adarsh Garg

Picture : Tamanna Satsangi

How to wear iconic All Denim Look like Sonakshi Sinha

We all have seen all black look, we have seen all white look, even denim on denim look. But this is one of the most iconic most fashionable look we have seen in ages. All Denim Look! Denim Shirt Dress accessorised with a denim obi belt and to complete the look peep toe denim thigh high boots. We would love to see more looks of this level. @aslisona you are a rockstar.

Outfit : @jluxlabel 

Styling : @mohitrai @miloni_s91 

Assisted by : @cyno_philic 

Shoes : @trufflecollectionindia 

Jewellery : @outhousejewellery 

Makeup : @mehakoberoi 

Hair : @themadhurinakhale 

Photos : @kadamajay