Do you know why No Women`s Day celebration for a bollywood actress Luviena Lodh

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I  wish that day comes soon where I can say Happy Women’s Day, truly from my heart rather than just saying it when inside I know that the girls of India aren’t safe. Almost everyday young girls are being raped and killed we read of such sad incidents everyday in newspapers. In such scenario I really don’t feel like celebrating Women’s Day. Instead the day should be used to protest against such cruel incidents that takes place. Its a high time that we as women come together and become the strength of each other. Whenever we see or find someone in such problematic situation we should act smart and report the problem to proper authorities and gather as much help as one can. And god forbid but those who become victims to any such incident should bravely with all their courage speak about it so that they get proper justice. Its being so long people have been ignorant to all the pain women our going through. We have to save the entire womanhood its our first & foremost responsibility. We are the source of creation. We are not weak, we are powerful. I don’t want women empowerment, I don’t want gender equality, I don’t want pay parity. First and foremost I want women safety and the basic right to live on our own terms without any fear in our hearts. The day when no rape is recorded will be the day we celebrate Women’s Day. Until that day we fight, fight for each other and fight together.

Bollywood actress Marina Kuwar’s empathic message on Women’s Day

“Yes i am dressed Scandalously. No it dosn’t mean I deserve to get RAPED” this is what bollywood actress Marina Kuwar has to say loud on this Women’s Day. She opines further, “It is my body, my life so how can other decides what should I wear & how it is their business to label me with an unapprooiate terms like “slut” just according to my dressing”. Untill women wont feel safe, won’t stopped being judged according to their dressing, won’t feel this world a better place for women to live, Mrina is not going to feel this day as special and as meaningful as it is suppose to be. “Still since its our day so I wish more empowerment to all the women out there. “Happy Women’s Day”