Deepika Padukone Ghoomar song’s costume changes

Fashion is a language. Style is a communication & nothing can explain this better than changes made in Deepika Padukone’s look in Ghoomar song. Earlier her waist was visible but finally the director has to covered her waist completely. Check out the video to see the difference between Before & After changes. But beyond all this stupidity we are eagerly waiting to watch this grandeur masterpiece of art. All the best team Padmaavat.

Big nose ring for brides to look as royal & beautyful as Deepika Padukone

You have seen Deepika Padukona as Mastani and now you are going to see her as eternal beauty Rani Padmavati. The common connection between both her looks is her big nose ring. Girls who are getting married this winter season, must go for these kinds of big nose ring for their D-day. These nose rings are available in gold plated brass as well as in real gold depends on the budget. Make sure to go for nude lip colour when you are wearing these big nose ring as its the ring which must be highlighted. So brides get ready to look as royal  & beautyful as Rani Padmavati.