How to wear Shirt as a Backless Top in different Styles?

Normal is borinig, isn`t it? Also it is summers time so wearing a backless is trendy, stylish and makes body feel cool and breathable. In our fashion Vlog we are showing you some amazing styles on how you can wear your shirt as a backless top in different styles. There are 5 best styles to do this.

Look 1 : Wear your shirt front side back. Let it completely unbuttoned. Hold the corners of shirt centre and just tie a knot and its done.

Look 2. Repeat the look 1 & then from front turn the collar part inside and adjust the shoulder parts on your arm so you can wear it as an off shoulder.

Look 3 : Repeat the Look 1 & then just button up the collar & your backless style is done.

Look 4. Button up the collar and let all other buttons unbuttoned and you are done.

Look 5 : Button up the second last button, turn the centre of both collar ends inside and adjust then on the corner of both the shoulders to give it a perfect V shape look and you are done.

Model & Stylist : Mannat Grover

HMUA : Yashita Gandhi

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