6 Most Iconic Saree Styles of Bollywood

Bollywood was the biggest source of bringing new fashion trends in India & with time it has not faded a bit. From Mumtaz to Deepika, every single actress has made saree more iconic with time. There was a time, when directors specially used to put a song in the movie, where he could show his heroine`s sexy avtar through saree. There are few actresses who have made few sarees iconic in Bollywood, which symbolizes the epitome of sarees in hindi cinema. Here are these :

1. Mumtaz : Mumtaz oragnge saree with golden border in a movie Bhramchari is the perfect example to show how movie creates fashion trends in India. This style became so famous that even today, young girls like to carry this style.


source : Indiatoday

2. Sridevi : Remember “Mr.India” ? Yes the same movie where the villain called “Mugambo”. In the same movie there was one romantic song between Sridevi & Anil Kapoor. In this song, Sridevi wore a blue chiffon plain sari which became a sort of sex symbol of 90s. Her blue sari style showed, that even sari can make you look sexy.


source : 3.bp.blogspot

3. Madhuri Dixit : The sensational beauty of 90s who created  a buzz in India with her killer smile and dance moves created a box office history from the movie “Hum Aapke Hein Kaun“. In a song, she wore a purple saree which became so hit, that every single lady in India tried to copy her saree style. Not only this, her purple saree became  kind of symbol for the movie.

madhuri dixit

source : wonderwardrobes

4. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan : One of the biggest blockbuster of its time “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” gave rise to Ms.India Aishwarya Rai by showing her true acting skills & real beauty. Her saree collection in second half of the movie brought a new kind of saree trend in India, specially her red net saree. That was the main time, when net sarees were introduced to the Indian women which till today, is been loved my most.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

source : youtube

5. Priyanka Chopra :Dostana” is one of the most fashionable movie in India. Be it hairstyle, western look or saree look, everything became so popular that every girl tried to get the same look. Her plain peaches silver saree in the song so such a hit, that every other young girl tried the same look for weddings.

priyanka chopra

source : utsavpedia

6. Deepika Padukone : She is one of the most successful actresses currently. Her real life style is equally fabulous as her real look. “Ye Jawani Hai Diwani” was her consecutive hit in the same year. Besides her acting in the movie, her fashion style was noticed the most. Her royal blue saree worn in the movie in cocktail party song in a western style was so loved at it showed that if wear in a style with right attitude & confidence, even saree can make you look fashionista even in the occasion like cocktail parties.

deepika padukone

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12 Essential Things Every Women Should Have In Her Bag

Dimonds are girl`s best friend but certainly our handbag is like our another real best friend because it comes with us everywhere and it also holds all of our secrets. Whether you like keeping it light and simple, or you believe in keeping half the house, there are 12 essential things every woman should have in her bag all times. Let’s take a look at these must-haves so that you can be ready for anything, which life throws your way.

1. Hand Sanitizer : 

Hand sanitizer is one of things every woman should have in her bag because it protect you and. When you meet someone new or Every now and then if you sneeze.For these and so many other reasons, you should have hand sanitizer in your bag.

hand sanitizer

source : livesimple

2. Safety Pins :

When your blouse is missing a button, it is the perfect excuse to buy another blouse. However, it is the middle of the day and your blouse is missing a button you are still at work, what do you use for the next some hours? In this situation, safety pin will be the rescue method you need.

safety pin

source : etsystatic

3. Small Perfume Bottle : 

Keep those small sample perfume bottles that you get as “gift with purchase” in your bag.  Also, don’t forget to treat your bag to a few spritzes so that your bag keeps smelling great just like you.

mini perfumes

source : blogspot

4. Makeup Pouch : 

Keep a cute and small makeup pouch. This pouch can be loaded with your neutral lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, oil blotting paper, lip gloss, makeup compact, mirror etc. this will help you to do touch-ups on the go.

make up kit

source : pinimg

5. Sanitary Product : 

People say that you should never open a woman’s purse without her permission. The reason is that most women often carry extra sanitary napkins or tampons around to deal with any unexpected “surprises”. Infact now in markets special pee solutions available for women. you can find one at 24*7 stores. They may not always be available when you need. So it is better to prepare it in advance rather than you meet a nasty situation to deal with later.

sanitary napkins

source : timedotcom

6. Sun Protection : 

The UV rays of the sun are harmful for our eyes so we need an ultimate tool of protecting them such as the sunglasses. You can also carry an umbrella, or a scarf to protect yourself from the rays that cause damage, darkness or dullness. Also with scarves you can play with different looks same day as per situation.

scarves & sunglasses

source : blogspot

7. Pepper Spray :

All girls need to carry some forms of protection, and pepper spray are the best option. They are very effective in dealing with bad guys in their tracks. Therefore, pepper spray is one of the most important things every woman should have in her bag.

pepper spray

source : selfdefenceproductinc

8. Post It And A Pen :

It’s not possible to jot down everything on the phone.  If you just want to make a list, take down a phone number, or want to remember something useful, jot it down on the post it notes that will be really heplfull and you should always carry them.

post it n pen

source : alicdn

9. Phone Power Bank :

This should go without saying, but many a time have we found ourselves out after work only to look down and see that our battery is already down to 2-3%. When going alone in cab, or out, travelling you don`t have to find a power socket, neither you have to wait at one place for charging your phone when you have the revolutionary Power bank. Besides, it will be a crime if  girl cant get her selfie click just because of dead phone.

power bank

source : extendedbatteryreview

10. Wallet :

Every woman would carry wallet in her bag. Wallet is mainly use for your debit/credit cards, loyalty points shopping cards and cash. If you don`t use these wallets & dump your plastic & paper money in your big handbang, its get extremely irritating to find the. Not only this they spoil the condition of paper currency. So always use such wallets with your handbag.


source : alicdn

11. Pocket Tissue Packs :

There is nothing more attractive about a women than hygiene, which is why it’s important to maintain cleanliness and keep up your appearance! One thing that can help with that is a small pack of tissues that you can stick in your bag.

pocket tissue

source : hotelsproductdirect

12. Mouth Freshener :

Keep a pack of tic tac, gum, or any mouth freshener that could give your breath much-needed freshness. Bad breath is a major put off.  Also, after a meal, you would not want your friends to guess what you had. Besides specially on weekends you never know how would you end up your night..wink!! Be prepared.

mouth freshner





6 Fashion & Style Mistakes Men Do

Fashion is not only for women. There are men who have keen interest in following fashion & have personal impressive dressing style. But there are few common fashion mistakes, which men keep doing it repeatedly without knowing that in fashion these are called fashion disasters. Oh, but you need not worry. Here we are telling you those mistakes and suggestions on how to get rid of them and like phoenix, rise up like a true Stylingstar.

1. Never wear running shoes for casual wear : Running shoes are just running shoes. They are not designed to wear them for casual look. Ok, we know they are very comfortable, but still, they are  disaster in fashion if you wear them for casual look. Rather, there are shoes style called “Sneakers” which suits & fulfill the need perfectly. Majorly all the multinational brands offer sneakers for all kind of taste. Make it on top of your next shopping list.

running shoes

Source : Pinterest

2. Never wear socks with sandals : Socks are made to wear with shoes so that they can absorb sweat & save your skin. And yes, men specially, college going boys who find this style a cool quotient, friends gain its a fashion disaster. Wear your cool sandals either without socks, else wear shoes with socks.

Sandals with socks

Source : Pinterest

3. Never wear undershirt/vest under Tshirt : This is something, I loudly & clearly wanted to tell each & every men, that  please never wear any kind of undershirt or let say vest under your tshirt. Let me tell you this fact, that if you read about history of tshirt, you will come to know that tshirt was actually a undergarment used to be worn by soldiers in the beginning. Later, gradually specially the movies made them so popular that it took the revolutionary turn & became a iconic fashion product now known as TSHIRT.  Yes, its very difficult not to wear undershirt/vest, but once u start doing it, you will start feeling more comfortable.


Source : Pinterest

4. Never combine checks & stripes together : This is one of the most common mistakes men do. Never wear your stripes shirt with checks shirt or vice versa, or wearing a stripe shirt with your checks formal suit. Too many pattern kills the look & don`t complement each other. Wear either only stripes or only checks.

Check suits

Source : Pinterest

5. Never wear socks with loafers : Loafers are the kind of shoes which must be wear without socks. Loafers are usually worn with ankle length or short length trousers or denims or shorts. They look trendy when no socks are worn with them. Its a thumb rule.


Source : Pinterest

6. Never wear white socks with everything : For men, socks are an important part of accessories. They come in all kind of colours & prints & patterns. Forget white socks, they are gone things now. All the brands have started focusing on socks because it can be playful & add a new style to your look.


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6 Best ways to look modern in Saree

SAREE the most iconic Indian wear which can be drape in more than 200 ways and can look sexy, elegant, classic, modern, and many more as per occasion & mood. New young generation girls, find it outdated, old, boring, else something which is to be wear in family functions only. Here, we are giving you style tips, by which wearing sarees looks fun, chic & a perfect casual or semi formal wear.

1. Shirt Blouse

Wear your any formal collar shirt as a blouse in contrast colour, the way Tisca Chopra is wearing & you are ready.

Tisca Chopra

source : boutiquesarees

2. Jacket

When you combine your jacket with saree, you will look as chic as Kareena Kapoor look.

Kareena Kapoor

 source : moviereviewpreview

3. Denim Blouse

Everybody loves denim. Its timeless. Wear your denim top or denim shirt as a blouse with saree and you rock.


source : blog.trendin.in

4. Nehru Jacket

Wear your Nehru jacket or a waistcoat & drape your pallu from inside it & your indo-western wear with a twist is ready.

Gauhar Khan

source : vanityaplogies

5. T-shirt

We all love t-shirts, aren`t we? T-shirts with graphics are always fun & when you teamed up it with saree you create a true drama queen look. Any colour, style or fit will look cool with the saree.


source : pinterest

6. Belt

Remember those grandmother`s gold kamarbandh, or Madonna`s waist belt? Yes, its time to add it in your accessories collection. Wrap around your pallu from neck & tie a leather or metal broad belt on your waist. It will accentuate your curves & give you a trendy modern look like the way Mini Mathur is styled.

Mini Mathur

source : India-forums