6 Fashion & Style Mistakes Men Do

Fashion is not only for women. There are men who have keen interest in following fashion & have personal impressive dressing style. But there are few common fashion mistakes, which men keep doing it repeatedly without knowing that in fashion these are called fashion disasters. Oh, but you need not worry. Here we are telling you those mistakes and suggestions on how to get rid of them and like phoenix, rise up like a true Stylingstar.

1. Never wear running shoes for casual wear : Running shoes are just running shoes. They are not designed to wear them for casual look. Ok, we know they are very comfortable, but still, they are  disaster in fashion if you wear them for casual look. Rather, there are shoes style called “Sneakers” which suits & fulfill the need perfectly. Majorly all the multinational brands offer sneakers for all kind of taste. Make it on top of your next shopping list.

running shoes

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2. Never wear socks with sandals : Socks are made to wear with shoes so that they can absorb sweat & save your skin. And yes, men specially, college going boys who find this style a cool quotient, friends gain its a fashion disaster. Wear your cool sandals either without socks, else wear shoes with socks.

Sandals with socks

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3. Never wear undershirt/vest under Tshirt : This is something, I loudly & clearly wanted to tell each & every men, that  please never wear any kind of undershirt or let say vest under your tshirt. Let me tell you this fact, that if you read about history of tshirt, you will come to know that tshirt was actually a undergarment used to be worn by soldiers in the beginning. Later, gradually specially the movies made them so popular that it took the revolutionary turn & became a iconic fashion product now known as TSHIRT.  Yes, its very difficult not to wear undershirt/vest, but once u start doing it, you will start feeling more comfortable.


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4. Never combine checks & stripes together : This is one of the most common mistakes men do. Never wear your stripes shirt with checks shirt or vice versa, or wearing a stripe shirt with your checks formal suit. Too many pattern kills the look & don`t complement each other. Wear either only stripes or only checks.

Check suits

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5. Never wear socks with loafers : Loafers are the kind of shoes which must be wear without socks. Loafers are usually worn with ankle length or short length trousers or denims or shorts. They look trendy when no socks are worn with them. Its a thumb rule.


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6. Never wear white socks with everything : For men, socks are an important part of accessories. They come in all kind of colours & prints & patterns. Forget white socks, they are gone things now. All the brands have started focusing on socks because it can be playful & add a new style to your look.


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