Adarsh Garg

“One of a kind” Jewellery by Designer “Lara Morakhia”

With a strong aesthetic and deep love for all things old, Lara launched a jewellery line which uses her creative vocabulary to mix and match somewhat familiar elements in an unfamiliar way. Pieces of vintage silver and antique jewellery are upcycled and re-imagined with the use of precious stones and turned into wearable art – that one can weave into any style of dressing whether Indian, western or indo-western making each of her pieces one of a kind.

Your Name : Lara Morakhia

Label : Lara Morakhia

Where is your store located?

706 Raheja Centre
Free Press Journal Marg
214 Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021


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Describe your label with its Signature style : One of a kind, where each and every finished piece of jewellery is a single one. Bold in design and hand crafted to preserve it’s authentic and antique style. Reinventing the old to be more relevant in today’s age with no fear of merging cultures, metals and tribal elements, quirky but still impeccable infusing inspiration from cross continental travel. Uniqueness of design as each piece is an expression of creativity and wearable art. A kaleidoscope of antique jadtar, gold beads,  pearl and vintage  silver seamlessly fused  and hand made to reinvent into a ‘ONE OF  A KIND’ earrings, rings, neckpieces and kadas. Some strung in leather or tied over african masai bead and bone and set with vilandi diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

Our main signature style is antique jadau gold and silver set together mixing these two metals in their original forms.

Who are your real customers : Someone who values antiques and preserving the past in wearable art forms, who wants to stand out with a one of a kind designed piece of jewellery, who appreciates art. Women who are not afraid to try new designs and concepts and materials in jewellery.  Someone who is not afraid to try to be different -that’s why my pieces are one of a kind.

                                                                                     What inspires you in design : Imagination – The past and the glamorous stars of yesteryears, the memories of how the royal dressed and wore jewellery. The way they layered jewellery over the outfits and turbans. Only maximalism showing culture history and adventure, in the same way I put layer over layer in each and every jewellery piece with silver and gold. I am inspired from cross continental travel ,walking up and down the streets of manhattan – my second home, enchanted junk shops, temples, tanjore paintings, museums.

Style Icon : Iris Van Apfel

Best Fashion Memory : My mother – stunning on stage wearing close toe kitten heels in the 60’s with sheer net and embroidered chiffon saris and long hair till her knees but braided in a bun with mogra flowers in her hair.

Piece of fashion you wish you have introduced in this world : Attitude – fashion is cyclical. It’s always been there someone just reinvents it. Attitude is the way you carry fashion and make it your own.

Your Favorite Shopping Place : Antique and vintage shops – amman jordan for fabulous bedouin silver, Rajasthan, Burma, Bhutan and Africa. Shopping for me is not limited to any borders.

Your favorite Brands / Designers and why : I don’t have favorite right now as it’s a mix of bling or minimalism and torn clothing and the market caters only to the younger generation which shows lack of history and soul.

I recreate my own look from antique and vintage clothing that I have sourced and create my look with my own brand label jewellery with which I accessories the outfit.

Which celebrity or person would you love to design someday : Everyone who wears my jewellery is my celebrity but a person who is happy and adventurous with confidence is the women I would design for a person who makes the day count as you only live once.

Favourite style from a movie : Mirch masala set in rural Gujarat (memories of my home town of patan) – tribal, colorful, vibrant against the barren dry desert sand. Women who fights the oppression and shows women power and the individuality.

Colors you can die for : Silver and Gold 

Fashion Tips for others : No rules. You must know yourself. Style is your own uniqueness. If you’re not comfortable with it, no matter how marvellous the outfit is you will not be able to carry the look. Take a chance, why should you look like everyone else. Invest in interesting accessories.