Fifty shades of hotness of Chitrangada Singh

Just not only Mr.Grey but even our very own sexy bombshell Chitrangada Singh has fifty shades of hotness. Her lip shade, big earrings, nude shinning eye shadow, extended eye lashes, her white power puff dress shoulder, her tempting neckline, her loosely done hair style, everything about her look is a synonym of feminine & pure beauty. Everythjng about her look is in itself a fashion trend & fashion inspiration. 

Outfit : Maison De Couture

Jewellery : Misho Designs

Stylist : Eshaa Amiin

Mua : Savleen Manchanda

Hair : Tina Mukherjee

Picture by : Flying Photons


Lukachuppi star Kriti Sanon wearing trendy hairstyle for 2019

Bollywood fashionista @kritisanon showing a new hairstyle during the promotion of her upcoming film @filmlukachuppi . Neatly done centre parting with a keyhole knot at back and rest hair left staright and opened. A must hairdo in 2019.

Hair : @aasifahmedofficial 

Makeup : @adrianjacobsofficial 

Outfit : @integumentofficial 

Earrings : @sachdeva.ritika 

Styling : @sukritigrover @style.cell 

Assissted by : @sanyakapoor


How to cure Chapped Lips?

When the season changes, usually your lips start getting chapped. So to cure the chapped lips, which is to moisturized and exfoliate, take half teaspoon coconut oil & half teaspoon sugar & mix them together. Then apply the mixture on your lips and gently massage them with your finger. Finally clean the lips with a wet cotton pad & the cure is done. You will feel a fresh smooth moisturized lips again.
MUA : Swati Paraswani

12 Best Hairstyles for 2018 inspired by Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor

“I think dress, hairstyle and make-up are the crucial factors in projecting an attractive persona and give one the chance to enhance one’s best physical features.” – Vivienne Westwood…

This quote is suits perfectly on mostly on all the Bollywood celebrities and Shraddha Kapoor is an apt example. Shraddha Kapoor has crafted her own niche in the bollywood industry as well as in the fashion circuit. We just loved all her hairstyles she carries in all her events in real life. Shraddha Kapoor’s hairstyles are always trendy and stylish. We have come up with her 12 best hairstyles which you can start wearing for yourself. These hairstyles are for every possible occassion.

1. Dutch Braids

2. Freehand textured Topknot

3. Earrings used as hair accessories

4. Vintage 40’s waves

5. Corn Row Braids with 2 partings

6.  Straight blowdried sharp centre parting.

7. One sided Fishtail

8. Sleek knoted ponytail

9. Front twisted blowdried straight

10. Wavy hair with an accessory

11. Textured beachwaves ponytail.

12. Braided Ponytail9894C554-08CD-4CB2-BB46-3A3BE8281A67

images source : amitthakur_hair on instagram