Tanya Vij Singh our first ever Stylingstar


Age : 31 years

Profession : Fashion Model & a Blogger at Dazzleandsizzle.com

Personal Style : My style is Bold, Sassy and Zesty with a tad of Swag. I have a strong predilection for Bling, Neons and everything outrageous, which is why I am very experimental with my looks. I am not a T-shirt and sneakers person and my style has a feminine flair to it.

summers style


Style Icon : I do take style inspiration from the Kardashians but if I were to name one , it would be Jennifer Lopez. At 46, she is hot as ever and so stylish!

Favourite Fashion Memory : When I represented India at the Fashion TV Super Model Awards

Never Will I Wear : There are a lot of fashion dont’s but never will I wear plaids and stripes together! Some patterns are complimentary, but these two together create a fashion disaster

summers fashion 2016

Your Favorite Shopping Place: Having Lived in Tokyo for many years, it is my favorite shopping destination for its highest quality and most fashion forward outfits and accessories.

Brands / Designers You Wear : My favorite brands in handbags are Louis Vuitton and Prada for a more casual look and Chanel when I want to glam up. As far as clothing brands are concerned, I love anything ranging from Zara to H&M to Forever 21.

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : I haven’t ever walked the ramp for an Indian Designer, so perhaps would love to walk the ramp for Sabyasachi or Anita Dogre.

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Favorite Perfume: Sounds funny, but I don’t use perfumes anymore! It makes my nasal allergies worse, so I use my own homemade deodorants and sprays using essential oils.

Colors I can die for :  Hot pink!

Fashion Piece you can`t live without : Nothing really. I try not to depend my life on material things (except my phone !!! :P)

summer trends 2016

Skin Care Mantra :  I swear by SK-ii . It is a well known Japanese brand, and although a bit pricey, I do see good results.

Fashion Tips for Others : Working out and being fit is the best fashion advise I can give. A well toned and sculpted body, despite any fashion flaws, ought to look sexy ! Also, unleash your creativity and don’t fear experimenting with new looks.