Shynee Narang – Actor : Model : Dancer : Writer : Traveller

People know me as : Shynee Narang

Age : Excuse me!!  😛 

Profession : Actor / Model / Writer

celebrity stylist

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One word that describes me best : Random

As a person I am : Still trying to figure out

shynee narang actor

Fashion to me is : An expression… it should reflect your personality

My sense of style : Depends on my mood

Style Icon : Micah Gianneli

shynee narang style

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Sabyasachi… anyday… all day   😀 

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Mad Max: Fury Road as Charlize Theron


One thing that makes me feel sexy : High Heels & Great hair

5 wardrobe essentials : Well fitted White Top, Denims, Nude lipcolor, A classy watch & Pumps


My ideal outfit for a fun party : A cool summer dress or may be T-shirt & Pajamas

For formal work setting : Dress & Jacket (don’t forget the accessories   😉 

For casual day out with friends : Jeans, Interesting top, sling & sneakers

For a hot date : Body con dress with high heels

dress for hot date

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Balloon tops

Brands / Designers you wear : Whatever makes me looks awesome

A Perfume I swear by : (It may sound yuk…) my sweat  😎  I love working out and if your body is not in shape there is no point draping an expensive outfit


Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Comfort is priority… (andar ki baat ander hi rehne do  😉 

A valuable beauty tip : Wear your confidence every single moment


One message to the world : Eat well, Sleep well, Jog well, Laugh a lot & Help others.

Aishwarya Sakhuja aka Toasty of Saas Bina Saural

Aishwarya Sakhuja is an Indian model turned actress. She was Miss India finalist for 2006. In 2010 she played in Sony TV’s show Saas Bina Sasural as Toasty. She also appeared in a special episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati.
hot tv actress
          People know me as : Aishwarya Sakhuja 

 Age : It is just a number..that I don’t like to  😉 

 Profession : Actor

aishwary sakhuja tv actress

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 One word that describes me best : Hopeful


 As a person I am : Impulsive (want to change that )

 Fashion to me is : Over hyped..keep it simple..modify things according to your need..don’t fashion your life around FASHION..

aishwarya sakhuja

 My sense of style : Comfortable..chic..I like to wear things that are different and not what’s TRENDING 

 Style Icon : Madhubala.. present day : Deepika Padukone 

tv actress thighs

 Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Have walked for most of them during my modelling days…but of course my favourite has always been Nikhil and Shantanu

 Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Chandni 

tv actress cleavage

 One thing that makes me feel sexy : Well fitted Jumpsuits

 5 wardrobe essentials : A good pair of light blue jeans, a well fitted black jumpsuit, a crisp white/light blue shirt,nude heels,a black pencil skirt

tv actress red carpet fashion

My ideal outfit for a fun party : A jumpsuit or a romper

For formal work settingI would go for black well fitted high waisted pants (very 60s) with a ruffled blouse (peach )

For casual day out with friends : Jeans sneakers and a cartoon tee

For a hot date : An electric red well fitted knee length dress

tv actress fashion

 Fashion trend I cannot stand : Bell bottoms 

 Brands / Designers you wear : I am not brand conscious at all..whateverrrrrr comes my way that makes me look pretty

tv actress style

 A Perfume I swear by : Romance by Ralph Lauren

 Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & stylesI swear by Victoria secret…everything under their roof..

tv actress lingerie

A valuable beauty tip : Keep your skin hydrated..nurture your body with good nutritious unprocessed will give a glow that is from within.


One message to the world : In the garb of fashion we have no right to kill/torture animals.. they have as much right to love on this planet as us..keep it peaceful people.

Celebrity Stylist Shreya Juneja

She is the person behind so many celebrities who are known for amazing dressing style. So lets know from the stylist herself what is her fashion mantra?

People know me as : Shreya Juneja

 Age : 28

Profession : Entrepreneur / Founder – ShopViolla and Celebrity Stylist

celebrity stylist

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bollywood fashion

 One word that describes me best : Decadent

As a person I am: Confident, dreamer and achiever

 Fashion to me is : Energetic Mix of Comfort, Style and Elegance

shrey juneja

My sense of style : Elegant and simple.. love playing dress up in all time classics, all blacks and all whites for a night out and pastels, lace, stripes for the day.

 Style Icon : Ryan Gosling, Mila Kunis, Deepika Padukone

 Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Anamika Khanna, Sabyasachi

shreya juneja celebrity stylist

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : La La Land

 One thing that makes me feel sexy : My long skinny legs!

 5 wardrobe essentials : Cool pair of sunnies, gold heels, rose gold watch, white kicks and a black dress!

outfit for party

My ideal outfit for a fun party : Hot cut out crop top and a pencil skirt or a bodycon dress and ankle strap heels

For formal work setting : Jumpsuit or peplum work pencil dress

For casual day out with friends : Skater dress, florals, ruffled tops, jeans and kicks or all time fave denim shirt on denim shorts/jeans combo

For a hot date : Off shoulder white jumpsuit and a choker or a black one shoulder dress

outfit for fun party

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Clothes that are too tight and not comfortable

Brands / Designers you wear : Hemant & Nandita, Tarun Tahiliani, Micare, Astha Jagwani, Rozina Vishram, Vidhi Wadhwani, Lipsy London, Topshop, River Island, Zara, H&M, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada

A Perfume I swear by : Versace Crystal Noir

tv actresses fashion

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Victoria’s Secret, white, lavender and marsala , lace and sexy strappy bralettes

A valuable beauty tip : Stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, eat your greens for a beautiful glowing skin.


One message to the world : Happy girls are the prettiest!

Manasi Naik Marathi Films fashionista

Manasi Naik was born February 3, 1987 is an Indian Actress dominant in the Marathi film industry. She is well known for her performance in the Marathi film song Baghtoi Rikshawala and also notable performances in movies like Murder Mestri. Exclusively on StylingStars, she is revealing her fashion & style secrets.


manasi naik

People know me as : Manasi Naik
Age : Age no bar. lol  😉
Profession : Actor and performer 
Contact / Follow Me : Instagram :
Website : Currently “work under progress” for my website 
manasi naik
Best one word that describes me : Self Made because I am! 
Fashion to me is : Be yourself, rest will follow you!
As a person I am : Very creative yet simple extremes. lol !  😀
sexy manasi naik
My sense of style : Depends on what I am doing…I love being situational.
My style icon is : DEEPIKA PADUKONE AND Rekha ji 
Dream ramp walk for which designer : My “dream” is BE SO BIG THAT YOU GET to walk for every designer…lol 
manasi naik
Dream movie : Well I haven’t dreamt that’s because then my dream would have an end 
Aur picture abhi baki hain mere dost 😉 
One thing that makes me sexy : My confidence
5 wardrobe essentials would be : lingerie lingerie lingerie lingerie lingerie lingerie, holy crap… now that makes it 6!!! I am fetish for lingeries so!!!
manasi naik
Ideal outfit for fun party : Would be which would make look approachable 
For formal work setting : Black shirt with black trousers 
For casual day out with friends : Would be anything Indian like a punjabi or a simple Tshirt and jeans  😎 
For a Hot date : Well depends on how HOT THE GUY IS !!! If It’s Ranveer Singh …I will not think. Anything and everything for the guy.
manasi naik cleavage
Fashion trend I cannot stand : Would be people underestimating themselves for no reason n the they end up looking over the top. One must be confident on what he or she is carrying off . Be in your own skin!!! 
Brands / Designers you wear : No brands -I make my own 
Perfume I swear by : Aqua and Black XS 
Favorite lingerie brands, colours & styles : PINK RED PINK RED LOL   😎 
manasi naik gym
A valuable beauty tip : Be natural
One message to the world : Be you because trust me everything that is natural looks beautiful…don’t underestimate yourself…go ahead try n do experiments with your styles! You have one life…make it stylish n last , always remember SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY 

Nriti Shah Maker

People know me as : Nriti Shah Maker

Age : 30

Profession : Fashion Blogger

fashion blogger

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One word that describes me best : Glamorous

As a person I am : An introverted extrovert (if fashion related then – a fashion fiend, an outfit obsesser, & a style stalker)


Fashion to me is : A unique expression of one’s self

My sense of style : understated elegance

fashion blogger vogue

Style Icon : Victoria Beckham

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Indian – Tarun Tahiliani / Manav Gangwani

International – Dior

fashion stylist

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Breakfast at Tiffany’s

One thing that makes me feel sexy : A great pair of shoes         

5 wardrobe essentials : A pair of well fitted denims. A fitted white shirt. A classic black dress. Black leather pants. Nude stilettoes

fashion blogger

My ideal outfit for a fun party : A black fitted jumpsuit

For formal work setting :  A pencil skirt & white collared shirt

For casual day out with friends : Distressed Jeans & white tee

For a hot date : Fitted black dress

nriti shah

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Sarees with tshirts/western tops

Brands / Designers you wear : Manav Gangwani, Victoria Beckham, Zara, Self Portrait.

A Perfume I swear by : Stella by Stella Mccartney


Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles :  Anything Black & Lacey

A valuable beauty tip : Invest in a great cleanser, toner, moisturizer & sunscreen

nriti shah fashion blogger

One message to the world : Don’t let a fashion trend over rule you.

Cosmopolitan Nikita Upadhyay

People know me as : Nikita Upadhyay

Age : 24

Profession : Journalist

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fashion bloggerOne word that describes me best : Preppy

As a person I am : Uptight, organised and witty.

indo western style

Fashion to me is : Way of life!

My sense of style : Preppy, Sophisticated, Classic.

style blogger

Style Icon : Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, Olivia Palermo, Kate Middleton, Blair Waldorf  (Fictional), Bella Hadid.

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Chanel, Givenchy, Sabyasachi Mukherjee

ccosmopolitan fashion editor

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Black Swan, Blue Jasmine, Jackie (upcoming)

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Perfumes! Just cant own enough!

5 wardrobe essentials : Skirts, Trench Coats, Thigh-high heels, Cardigans, Yoga Pants and Hoodiessssss  😀 

fashion magazine

My ideal outfit for a fun party : A sheath dress

For formal work setting : A sheath dress for this as well!

For casual day out with friends : Denims with shirts (even for a casual days)

For a hot date : A bikini (Cos a date date for me would be on a yacht!)

fashion blogger

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Torn jeans!

Brands / Designers you wear : Zara, H&M, Topshop, Forever New.

A Perfume I swear by : Versace Bright Crystal, Love Story by Chloé

fashion writer

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : La Senza, Hunkemöller, Victoria`s Secret.

A valuable beauty tip : Vitamin C is very important for your skin. Start your day with fresh lemon juice, everyday!


One message to the world : No matter how much you try, not everyone will like you. So, stop wasting hours on it!

Roshni Kapoor

People know me as : Roshni Kapoor

Age : It’s rude to ask a woman to reveal her age! 😉

Profession : Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger, Digital Marketing (It includes variety of products such as specific items of clothing & accessories, beauty tips, trends in various apparel markets etc.)

denim style

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Instagram ID

Roposo ID : roshniKapoor

Snapchat  ID : roshnikapoor

Spoyl ID : Roshni Kapoor

roshni kapoor backless

One word that describes me best : Fashionista / Trendsetter

As a person I am : Innovative/ Passionate/ Versatile/ Dynamic

Fashion to me is : Fashion to me is our own sense of style and reflection of our personality. However, fashion is temporary, only style remains forever!


My sense of style : Whatever is trendy, my style changes quite often. I don’t mind tacky things or expensive, I just like to experiment..
Maybe interesting tights, cardigans, shoes that are kind of vintage…etc.
Whatever is trendy, my style changes quite often, I like to experiment new stuff.. It could be Slim Fit/ Ripped Jeans, Denim shorts, Tube Tops, Skirts, Sports Shoes, Nail Art, Nude n Light Color Lipsticks, Watches, Shades, Hand Bags, etc.


Style Icon : JLo because I find her quite versatile being a singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author, and producer!

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : My Dream ramp walk would be for our Bollywood favorite fashion designer Manish Malhotra, I would love to wear traditional Indian attire designed by him with contemporary style.

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Any movie with lead role opposite SRK (SRK & RK (Roshni Kapoor) would be best match ;))


One thing that makes me feel sexy : Wearing a great pair of heels with having a good hair day.

5 wardrobe essentials : LBD (Little Black Dress), Sunglasses, Perfect fit Jeans, Diamond Studs, White Tee, “MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo. The pop of red wakes my face up—especially when I’m tired.” or Nude color Lipstick.


My ideal outfit for a fun/Beach party : Platforms is a great example to wear on sand with denim shorts and a sleeveless jacket with a classic white top. Keep the hair simple. The look is neither too casual nor too formal making it perfect. A simple necklace and sunglasses are all the accessories you need to complete the sexy look.


For formal work setting : Black or white blazer over a blouse or tank top with Large Tan Handbags.. Tan, beige, taupe, or camel colored purses are excellent for matching with any formal outfit at all because they are classy and very understated.

For casual day out with friends : Tube Tops/ Dress, Shorts, Jump Suits, Jeans, Denim/ Leather Jacket, Sneakers, Casual dress, T-shirts,  Slogan Tees, Sling Bag, Shades, Pullovers, Hoodies, Crop Tops, Kaftan, Off-shoulder top/ dress.


For a hot date : BE A LADY IN RED, Men are most attracted to a woman wearing Red. ‘In nature, red is a sexual color,’ says fashion psychologist Kate Nightingale, who works as an image consultant. ‘If you are wearing red, it says to your date you are willing to be considered in that way.’

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Balloon Tops/ Bell Bottom Pants.. Anything that is loose fitting or baggy basically

Brands / Designers you wear : Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Chanel, Jimmy choo


A Perfume I swear by : PACO RABANNE Lady Million , Poison by Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Chanel No. 5 , Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things

Favorite Lingerie brands, colors & styles : Victoria’s Secret, Enamor, Lovable


A valuable beauty tip : My absolute favorite beauty tip would have to be contouring and high lighting your face! It makes a HUGE difference.

One message to the world : Don’t fear shadow, that shows there is light somewhere nearby..!

Saanya Khatter

People know me as :  Saanya Khatter

Age : 18

Profession : Student. 

saanya khatter fashion

One word that describes me the best : Kid

As a person I am : Fun loving, soft spoken, childish

Fashion to me is : Fashion is something that allows me to look and feel my absolute best. It’s also a way that I can voice my personality without having to say a word. 

saanya khatter style

My sense of style : My style changes quite often, I don’t mind wearing things which even cost 100 bucks. I just like to experiment, whatever is trendy, crazy yet elegant. 

Style Icon : Deepika Padukone, Sophia Miacova. 

saanya khatter denim

Dream rampwalk for which designer :  Masaba Gupta. 

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Aisha


One thing that makes me feel sexy : Confidence and Ambition. 

5 wardrobe essentials-

  1. Plain white tee. 
  2. A little black dress for nightouts. 
  3. A summer dress. 
  4. Skinny jeans. 
  5. Flats

saanya khatter smile

My ideal outfit for a fun party : A black dress paired up with wedges. 

For formal work setting : A collared white shirt tucked in with a pencil skirt just above the knees with a matching jacket with small heels. 

For casual dayout : A jumpsuit or a floral dress with studded flats or sneakers. 

For a hot date : A solid coloured little bodycon dress with red lipstick. 

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Too heavy stuff and everything matching. One should try making contrast. 

little black dress

Brands you wear : Zara, Promod, Mango, Forever 21, River Island, French Connection, M&S. 

A perfume I swear by : Beauty Sheer by Calvin Klein. 


Favourite lingerie brand, colours and styles : Marks and Spencers; I like dark colours. 

A valuable beauty tip : Wash face with milk and rub lemon twice a week.

saanya khatter fashion interview

One message to the world : Every girl in this world is beautiful in her own way, never stop loving yourself, wear your smile always! 

Srish : Style Fashion Etc


People know me as : Srish

Age : 25

Profession : Stylist and Blogger      

military green fashion

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One word that describes me best : Efficient

As a person I am : Quite at first but once I let my guards down I am funny, friendly and an optimist.

Fashion to me is : Experimenting within the boundaries of inner style aesthetics.

indo western style

My sense of style : Somewhere between minimalist and eclectic

Style Icon : Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Ralph & Russo


Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Call me a nerd but Harry Potter

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Red lipstick

red lipstic

5 wardrobe essentials : Skinny jeans, trench coat, oversized tote, a hides-it-all-but-still-looks-flattering dress and a perfect fit multiway nude bra.

My ideal outfit :

For a fun party : Romper

For formal work setting : Oversized blazer belted over a bodycon dress

For casual day out with friends : Shift dress, sling bag and sneakers

For a hot date : Bodycon dress with high heels


Fashion trend I cannot stand : Tube tops

Brands / Designers you wear : Zara, Forever 21, H&M

A Perfume I swear by : Noir Tease by Victoria’s Secret


Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Black & Lacy anyday. I just love Hunkemoller and La Senza

A valuable beauty tip : Never skip grooming your brows.

One message to the world : Live and let live. Don’t judge and love yourself first.

Revealing fashion secrets of Riddhima Kapoor Sahni

Even though beautyful Riddhima Kapoor Sahni is a daughter of Rishi & Neetu Kapoor & a sister of Ranbir Kapoor, she has her own identity. She has her own jewellery line & quite famous among India`s top fashion designers for her fashion style. Not only this, she has walked the ramp for her dear friends like Suneet Verma & Surily Goel. Without a doubt she is a true Stylingstar. 

People know me as : Riddhima Kapoor Sahni – RKS 

Age : 36

Profession : Creative Head for R Jewellery – Riddhima Kapoor Sahni Jewellery 

riddhima kapoor sahni jewellery

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Instagram :


One word that describes me best : Curious 

As a person I am : Passionate & Hardworking 

Fashion to me is : My personality 

celebrity in abu jani sandeep khosla

My sense of style : High Street 

Style Icon : My mother Neetu Kapoor

 neetu singh daughter riddhima kapoor sahni

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla 

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : None

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Success 

5 wardrobe essentialsA crisp White Shirt, Pair of well fitted Trousers, White  T-shirt, Pair of well fitted Jeans, Little black dress.


My ideal outfit for a fun party : Little Black Dress

For formal work setting : Keep it casual – Jeans and a T-shirt 

For casual day out with friends : Jeans with a T-shirt 

For a hot date : Little Black Dress (LBD)  can never go wrong.

rishi kapoor family

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Leather Pants

Brands / Designers you wear : So many to  choose from splendid Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Maje Kooples, Nandita Mahtani.

A Perfume I swear by : Pleasure by Estee Lauder 

riddhima kapoor sahni

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours styles : Comfort before style 

A valuable beauty tip : You are what you eat / Stay healthy stay fit. 

One message to the world : Your life is your message to the world, make sure it’s inspiring..