Gandii Baat 2 actress Ruby Bharaj exclusive lingerie secrets revealed

Ruby Bharaj is the new rising star in Bollywood & web series industtry. Making her powerful presence felt in the last episode of Gandii Baat 2 called “love, sex & betrayl” she is revealing her lingerie secrets first time ever. If you have loved her sexy chracater in Gandii Baat 2, then this interview is like the sequel to her sexy persona. Her love for lingerie fashion will make you start taking lingerie shopping more seriously. Her perfectly shapped silky textured asssts will make other girls envious and men aroused. So lets discover her lingerie secrets.

1. Your favouite lingerie brand : La senza

2. Your favourite lingerie colours: Black, hot pink and violet

5. Have you ever got measured in a lingerie shop? No

6. Black lace bra or red wired satin bra? Black lace

7. Ever got into embaress situation where your bra hook got broke or bra cup got up when you are out? Yeah quite a few times.

8. See through straps or strapless bra or any bra with strappy or tube dress? Strapless bra would be better option.

9. Padded bra or non padded? Why? Padded coz it just goes with everything

10. Whats your opinion on braless trend? If that ever happens, that would be a great coz bras are just painful and uncomfortable thing to wear.

11. Do you sleep braless or in bra?

12. Are you fond of thong? No but sometimes have to wear under skin-hugging pants or dresses.

13. Favourite bra colour when wear a see through top? Hot pink

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