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Manasi Naik was born February 3, 1987 is an Indian Actress dominant in the Marathi film industry. She is well known for her performance in the Marathi film song Baghtoi Rikshawala and also notable performances in movies like Murder Mestri. Exclusively on StylingStars, she is revealing her fashion & style secrets.


manasi naik

People know me as : Manasi Naik
Age : Age no bar. lol  😉
Profession : Actor and performer 
Contact / Follow Me : Instagram :
Website : Currently “work under progress” for my website 
manasi naik
Best one word that describes me : Self Made because I am! 
Fashion to me is : Be yourself, rest will follow you!
As a person I am : Very creative yet simple extremes. lol !  😀
sexy manasi naik
My sense of style : Depends on what I am doing…I love being situational.
My style icon is : DEEPIKA PADUKONE AND Rekha ji 
Dream ramp walk for which designer : My “dream” is BE SO BIG THAT YOU GET to walk for every designer…lol 
manasi naik
Dream movie : Well I haven’t dreamt that’s because then my dream would have an end 
Aur picture abhi baki hain mere dost 😉 
One thing that makes me sexy : My confidence
5 wardrobe essentials would be : lingerie lingerie lingerie lingerie lingerie lingerie, holy crap… now that makes it 6!!! I am fetish for lingeries so!!!
manasi naik
Ideal outfit for fun party : Would be which would make look approachable 
For formal work setting : Black shirt with black trousers 
For casual day out with friends : Would be anything Indian like a punjabi or a simple Tshirt and jeans  😎 
For a Hot date : Well depends on how HOT THE GUY IS !!! If It’s Ranveer Singh …I will not think. Anything and everything for the guy.
manasi naik cleavage
Fashion trend I cannot stand : Would be people underestimating themselves for no reason n the they end up looking over the top. One must be confident on what he or she is carrying off . Be in your own skin!!! 
Brands / Designers you wear : No brands -I make my own 
Perfume I swear by : Aqua and Black XS 
Favorite lingerie brands, colours & styles : PINK RED PINK RED LOL   😎 
manasi naik gym
A valuable beauty tip : Be natural
One message to the world : Be you because trust me everything that is natural looks beautiful…don’t underestimate yourself…go ahead try n do experiments with your styles! You have one life…make it stylish n last , always remember SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY 
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