COVID19 Lockdown Queen

Every woman is a queen. Real queen does not need crown to rule over her kingdom. She does not need throne to sit & rule with wisdom. Her soul is a royalty. She wears a crown built from her spine of her inner strength & modesty with sparkling jewels to represent her each & every quality. A queen will turn pain into power. And when all glitter fades there still be stardust in her veins. To all the women who no longer believe in fairy tales or happy endings, you are the writer of this story. Chin up & straighten your crown, you’re the queen of this kingdom & only you know how to rule it. Woman like you don’t happen often, never forget about how rare you are. 

Muse : Komila Sunejadhar

Mua : Shivani Goyal

Styling & Concept : Adarsh Garg

Photographer : Tamanna Satsangi

Location Courtesy : Heritage Hotel Avtar Mansion

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