Style files of a Bollywood actress Rashi Mal

Tell us something about yourself : I was born in Delhi but have grown up in Mumbai. I studied Engineering but have a Diploma in Method Acting. I have trained professionally in dance with Ashley Lobo’s dance company, The Danceworx and in singing from vocal coach Deirdre Lobo (based in SF) and Samantha Edwards ( coach to Priyanka Chopra, Ananya Birla etc). I started my acting career on stage. It was all a very organic process. I was always very creatively inclined but no one in my family had been in the performing arts so I never knew that was an option. The performing arts were a means for me to find my trueset expression. I loved making myself uncomfortable and I envied the confidence that performers oozed. Once I finished my studies I figured if I didn’t give myself a chance to do the things I loved, I would wake up an old wrinkly person with massive regrets. So far I have worked in 3 films, 4 web series, 2 mini tv series, a lot of ads for leading brands and ofcourse been on stage where it all began. I sang for a film, Dear Maya, sang for ads and wrote and sang for a music parody band with singer Vasudha Sharma. I am currently working on my independent music. I have made all my so called hobbies work. Traveling though is a huge part of my life so I could say that that is a hobby. I have been to 32 countries so far and want as many stamps on my passport as I can ???? . I love to read too and I love watching sitcoms. At present working on “Brahmastra” and a web series for YRF.

1. People know me as : Rashi Mal
3. Profession : Actor
4. Website/Social Media Page Links :
Facebook  Instgram

5. One word that describes me best : Achiever
6. As a person I am : A go getter
7. Fashion to me is : Self expression

8. My sense of style : Classic yet quirky
9. Style Icon : Madonna and Audrey Hepburn

10. Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Christian Siriano
11. Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Wonder Woman
12. One thing that makes me feel sexy : Sexy Lingerie

13. 6 wardrobe essentials : A little black(/red) dress , nude heels, white and
black basic (tank) tops , a nice pair of shorts, ripped jeans and a (faux) leather jacket
14. My ideal outfit for a fun party : Anything I can dance freely in
15. For formal work setting : A fun blouse with a pencil skirt
16. For casual day out with friends : Shorts, tank top and a scarf on my head
17. For a hot date : A short, figure hugging number
18. On a beach holiday : A bikini

19. Fashion trend I cannot stand : Men getting their hair straightened
20. Brands / Designers you wear : Anita Dongre, Shivan and Narresh
21. Favourite shopping destination : Italy
22. A Perfume I swear by : Burberry

23. Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : La Sense, nude, strapless/pushup
24. A valuable beauty tip : Confidence will always shine the brightest
25. One makeup product you can’t go out without : A lip and cheek tint

26. One message to the world : Watch out for me!

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