Poonam Pandey exposed her Fashion Secrets

People know me as : Poonam Pandey  🙂 

Age : My age is 26 

Profession : Modelling & Acting 

poonam pandey fashion style

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One word that describes me best : People say I am “BOLD” but I describe myself as “Not Fake”  😛 

poonam pandey red carpet fashion

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As a person I am : Very Kiddish… lol 

Fashion to me is : Very Important 

poonam pandey thighs

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My sense of style : I always try to mix Indian & western looks. I could be wearing jhumkas on high waist shorts with a nice Indian braid.  

Style Icon : I love Kim Kardashian & Gigi Hadid. I think their styles are supercool..

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Jean Paul Gaultier 

poonam pandey airport look

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Dream movie to work as a lead actress : I always want to play a cool villain..someone who murders people and doesn’t get caught  😎 

One thing that makes me feel sexy : It’s all ME. The moment I watch myself in the mirror I just cannot stop!! 

poonam pandey thighs

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5 wardrobe essentials : Bikinis the first thing to start with. Long sleeves shirt with shorts always need them. Hair rubber band because of my very long hair..and lotion to keep my body nice and smooth  😀 

poonam pandey fashion style

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My ideal outfit for a fun party : Something very comfortable but SEXY. 

For formal work setting : Cool denim with a nice top that fits wells & Heels of course! 

For casual day out with friends : Shorts, T-shirt with cool flipflops. 

For a hot date : I think every girl looks hot in their own way..So an effortless style, looks hotter I reckon..

poonam pandey short dress

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Fashion trend I cannot stand : Gothic… I think it’s a little bit too much!  👿 

Brands / Designers you wear : Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, and yeah Burberry coats are very cool. 

Perfume I swear by : Coco by Chanel 

poonam pandey in bra

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Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : La Perla & Agent Provocateur 

A valuable beauty tip : Less is more… some people use too much make up or too many accessories. 

poonam pandey in short dress

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One message to the world : Protect the envionment and Follow Me on social media  😉 

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