Social Media Life vs Real Life

Our generation is a social media addicted generation. Most of us prefer to love the virtual world than the real world, and this is the reason even if you feel unhappy, lonely, unsuccessful & unwanted yet you tend to show your life glamorous, happening, shining larger than life. Everyone and everything seems so appealing in the world of social media.

Whatever we do, wherever we go and whatever we eat everything is posted on social media. Posting everything we do on a daily basis has created competition against others as well as to oneself. Social media has become more than a mirror to each and every individual.

People try to post their lifestyle and their day to day activities on social media to let others know and appreciate them through their likes and comments. However, that has eventually lost the real essence of life. It is important to live happily within, instead of focusing on what others would think of!

In social media, we try to show how much better our lives are than others. And to achieve that we start to fake things. Some people lie to social media about their class, health, education, and lifestyle as a whole. In this process, they forget who they actually are.

They always pretend to be someone else, someone who they are not in real life. The reason for doing this is basically to show how superior you are or how appealing you are. This fakeness is mainly caused due to peer pressure or to maintain a fake social class or to gain more likes and followers.

People forget their real lives and they value their life and way of living on the number of likes they receive on their photos and videos. We are in constant need for instant gratification. Sometimes to gain more and more followers, people push themselves to their extreme threshold and even put themselves in dangerous and life-threatening conditions which sometimes prove fatal.

This fakeness in social media often results in depression, loneliness and stress. This everyday competition to prove yourself better than the rest often results in serious mental illness and other health issues. Most of us have already forgotten who they actually are.

Conclusively, we tend to blend our both the worlds into each other. We try to make our Instagram life become our real life leaving us frustrated, angry & unsatisfied.

Concept & Styling : Adarsh Garg

Hmua : Swati Paraswani

Hmua Assistant  : Himanshi Bansal 

Styling Assistant : Hrishita Paraswani

Photography : Ashu Sharma & Adarsh Garg


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