Fashion Love of Aahana Kumra : The local parlour girl of “Lipstic Under My Burkha”

If you have watched the new much talked about movie  “Lipstic Under My Burkha” or have seen its trailor then I am sure you know this super talented hot looking Aahana Kumra. She has played the local parlour girl in the movie so brilliantly that not even for a second you won`t believe she is playing just a character.

Aahana Kumra was Born and brought up in Lucknow, Aahana moved to Mumbai during her childhood. She has worked on commercials for reputed brands such as Garnier, Red Label Tea, SBI Life Insurance, Revlon, Cox and Kings etc. In 2013, she was awarded an opportunity to work on a series that would change the landscape of Indian television – “Yudh” – a 20-episode show with Anurag Kashyap starring the legend himself Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Aahana plays the pivotal role of Mr. Bachchan’s daughter. Lets know about her love for fashion.

lipstic under my burkha

People know me as : Aahana Kumra 

Age : 32

Profession : Actor 

bolywood actress sari styles

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celebrity style

One word that describes me best : Fearless  😀 

As a person I am : Transparent

Fashion to me is : Standing out but not being a victim to trends

My sense of style : Eclectic

celebrity indo western style

Style Icon : While Growing up it’s always been Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham)

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Valentino

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Still waiting for the dream movie to be made.  😀 

celebrity evening gowns

One thing that makes me feel sexy : A little black dress #LBD

5 wardrobe essentials : #LBD, shorts, white shirt and blue jeans, A tank top, Jumpsuit 

celebrity cocktail dress

My ideal outfit for a fun party : A sequin dress

For formal work setting : Trousers and Shirt or Pencil Skirt and Shirt

For casual day out with friends : Shirts and Tee

For a hot date : A sheer top a short skirt
celebrity little black dress

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Leather pants  😈 

Brands / Designers you wear : Recently I’ve been wearing Longchamp, Swarovski, Rimzim Dadu, Jade, Payal Singhal, Ritu Kumar, Anita Dongre, Parisera, Chola

celebrity off shoulder dress

Standard daily wear : Zara, Mango, Promod, H n M, Papaya and I usualy like picking up local clothes from local stores while travelling around the world.

A Perfume I swear by : L’eau by Narciso Rodriguez

bollywood actress in swimsuit

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Victoria`s Secret & La Senza. In colours Pink, Hot pink , Beige, Black, Blue are my favourites but usually I love all colors and all styles. 

A valuable beauty tip : Keep it real.  🙂 

Popular Tv Serial “Kumkum Bhagya” Parul aka Charu Mehra`s Fashion Secrets revealed

Charu Mehra is a famous Indian television actress who is best known as a “Purvi” from tv serial “Kumkum Bhagya”. She was last seen in the another popular tv serial “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” as “Parul”. She has shared all her fashion secrets here.

hot tv actress

People know me as : CHARU MEHRA  😀 

Age : 25 

Profession : Artist /Actor

Contact / Follow Me : Instagram

sexy tv actress

One word that describes me bestMagnetic/ Dynamic

As a person I am : Calm and Tranquil

Fashion to me is : Don’t follow the trend, make your own. 

My sense of style : Be comfortable 

tv actress thighs

Style Icon : Gigi Hadid

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Victoria’s Secret  😀 

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Any movie as long as the story makes sense to me.  😛  

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Fragrance /Smell/ Odour 

sexy tv actress

5 wardrobe essentials

Striped tee

Boyfriend jeans

Little black dress

A denim shirt/ jacket

Black jeggings 

backless tv actress

My ideal outfit for a fun party : A crop top and jeggings 

For formal work setting : A pastel shirt n pants

For casual day out with friends : A summer dress

For a hot date : Little Black Dress  

backless tv actress

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Not a trend really.. Just Ill fitted clothes.  😈 

Brands / Designers you wearNothing in particular. I get bored by one choice.. I need options..  

A Perfume I swear byCoco Chanel  

tv actress fashion

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & stylesVictoria’s Secret – Navy Blue & Black – Lace 

A valuable beauty tip : Use coconut oil whenever possible, on the face,body or drink it. Works wonders!!  😀 

Television talent house gorgeous Roop Durgapal`s style secrets

Roop Durgapal born in Almora, Uttar Pradesh is an Indian television actress. She is best known for her role as Sanchi in the serial Balika Vadhu. She has also done shows like Swaragini, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Ganga & Balveer. Roop was nominated as “Most Tez Taraar Personality” in the 2013 Colors Golden Petal Awards. First time ever she is in an exclusive candid fashion interview with StylingStars.

celebrity jewellery

People know me as : Roop Durgapal

Age : Ahh forever 16   😉 

Profession : Actress..Want to be a Singer too someday soon.

tv actress fashion style

Contact me : InstagramFacebookTwitter

One word that describes me best : ROOP!…Naam hi kaafi hai  😎 

As a person I am : An introvert extrovert. initially shy & private but very chilled out with people I get along.

tv celebrity fashion

Fashion to me is : An extension of personality.

My sense of style : Elegant yet Fun.

Style Icon : Olivia Palermo

celebrity sunglasses

Dream ramp walk for which designer : Haven`t really thought about it…Maybe Dolce & Gabbana 

Dream movie to work as a lead actor : Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge…

One thing that makes me feel sexy : My sexy fragnance.

5 wardrobe essentials : Well fitting lingerie, one piece flowy dress, boyfriend denim, crop top & evening gowns.

celebrity dungaree fashion

My ideal outfit for a fun party : I love one piece flowy dress.

For formal work settings : Pencil skirt with fitting top.

For casual day out with friends : Denim with a crop top & sneakers.

For a hot date : A well fitting spaghetti strap one piece with pencil heels & red lips.

tv celebrity dress

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Guys wearing extremely baggy denims hanging too low. 😈 

Brands/Designers you wear : Masaba, Micheal Kors, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry.

A perfume I swear by : Christian Dior Addict

celebrity in bikini

Favourite lingerie brands, colours & styles : LOl…. Ofcourse not gonna share.  😛 

A valuable beauty tip : Flaunt your least expensive yet priceless assest…Smile  😀 

celebrity in ripped denim

One message to the world :  There is only one life so be good & do good.  🙂 





Do you know how two Mrs. India winners are reshaping the women of today?

Who Am I : Sneha Bhadoria, a professional Yog-trainer & therapist, Fitness Influencer, Lifestyle grooming and make-over trainer & a winner of Mrs. India Worldwide 2015  & Mrs. Body Beautiful 2015.

mrs.india winner

Who am I : Dr.Henna Kainth Gupta, a professional Dental Surgeon & a winner of Mrs.India Worlwide2015 (second runner’s up) & Mrs. Gizmo Queen 2015 


 mrs.indi winner

What is Hi Life & Grooming :

Henna :A personality enhancement workshop for women of all age groups which will give them the confidence to not just look good but also feel good about themselves.

Sneha :It’s a make-over and transformation process where Women rediscover themselves in all ways possible. Body, mind & soul.

groming classes

What is the mission behind Hi Life & Grooming : 

Sneha :Today’s world where beauty, attraction and class is much more than just a pretty face, we, under this programme try to reshape the way women from all walks of life, present themselves. Influencing and motivating them with pragmatic examples in order to make them feel complete and extremely confident.

Who all shall join it :

Henna : Housewives/ College Students/Entrepreneurs / Corporate Officials/ Aspiring Models.

How will it change their life :

Sneha : We at Hi-Life grooming believe that most of us (specially Indian women), give more priority then oneself to something else while neglecting oneself in more ways than one. At times women don’t feel complete or full of themselves even after owning best resources possible. That’s the time they need a little direction to regain the centre of their being.

mrs.india winner

How can I join this revolution Hi Life & Grooming : 

Henna : Join us on our facebook page or connect via whatsapp to enrol.

Sneha :

What are the specialities of this workshop :

Henna : It includes tips on the following with demonstration :

  1. Fitness and nutrition
  2. Fitness dance
  3. Party etiquette
  4. Dining etiquette
  5. Confidence building
  6. Enhancing communication skills
  7. Dress up essentials
  8. Make up & beauty tips
  9. How to pose in different styles
  10. Walking in different shoe wear

grooming classes

Fashion to me is : 

Henna : Being stylish while remaining in my comfort zone.

Sneha :Fitness, confidence and trend.  Sense of self and feeling beautiful. Carrying oneself appropriately according to age, occasion, body type, personal style and complexion.

My sense of Style is :

Henna :Creating trends & not following them.

Sneha :Looking the way I want for myself not for showing-off.

mrs. india

What is your strongest communication technique : 

Henna :My smile

Sneha :Smile, manners and gratitude.

What is your trick to make your guests make feel special : 

Henna :To learn about their interests & profession and kick start a conversation on that.

Why are dining etiquettes important : 

Sneha :We are a part of a civilised world and that has to have a few set basic signs, dining is a major one among those. I believe dining style & body language are the first things people make your impression upon.

mrs.india interview

What is the secret of your confidence : 

Henna :My army life upbringing. Discipline & good mannerisms have been a part of my lifestyle ever since I was a young child.

Sneha :I give a lot of importance to my mind, body and soul. I never stop working on myself.

How are you so fit : 

Henna :I take care of my diet & steer clear from excessive intake of sugar.

Sneha :Positivity and happiness. Exercise, diet and nutrition.  Drink lots of water.

grooming classes

One Beauty tip : 

Henna :Cleanse your face every night before sleeping to fight ageing gracefully.

Sneha :Smile is the best beauty tool.

One message to the world : 

Henna :It is never too late to explore your potentials so shed your inhibitions and work on your talent.

Sneha :Make Peace not war, produce food not toxins, spread happiness, be human in all ways possible. Live for others too.

Bollywood hidden sensation : Sakshi Dwivedi

Sakshi Dwivedi is soon going to rule million of hearts from her upcoming movie with Sanjay Dutt in Bhoomi. She is as gorgeous as any other Hollywood diva. Lets know her all fashion secrets!  😀

People know me as : Sakshi Dwivedi

Age : 21

Profession : actress, model, engineer (ece)  😎 

celebrity sakshi dwivedi

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One word that describes me best :  joy

As a person I am : confident,achiever,enthusiastic,Creative and fun to be with.I love to travel,to explore new places,things… 

sakshi dwivedi

Fashion to me is : not just about clothes,it’s about everything,its about you.Being in your comfort zone,yet look amazing,make whatever you wear Fashion with your confidence .

sakshi dwivedi fashion

My sense of style : it’s different for different body type.It should be accordingly. For me it’s different for different places but I love casuals.They are more comfortable and cool.

Style Icon : anytime Priyanka Chopra  😀 

sakshi dwivedi bhoomi actress

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Karan Johar`s movie.

One thing that makes me feel sexy : my confidence

5 wardrobe essentials : high heels, perfume, shades, skirts and dresses, denims

sexy bollywood actress

My ideal outfit for a fun party : denim shorts and a crop top.

For formal work setting : Thank god I don’t have any dress code,anything works for me according to my mood.

For casual day out with friends : denims,a cool top with white sneaker.i love it

For a hot date : cristiano ronaldo 

sakshi dwivedi

Fashion trend I cannot stand : omg a good question! There are so many,but the most annoying,people tucking denims in their boots,and wear it in summer too,like who does that?  🙄 

Brands / Designers you wear : I like Bebe, Forever 21,H&M, Levi’s and many more. 😀 

A Perfume I swear by : Burberry, I just love it.

bollywood actress makeup

A valuable beauty tip : drink lots and lots of water.

Hemu : A Secret behind lot of celebrities stylish look

People know me as : Hemlata Periwal

But people know me by my nick name “HEMU”  😀 

Age : ALREADY 25!!!! So much to do this 1 life

Profession : I love what I do….following my dreams professionally as a fashion stylist & costume designer….well still many more to achieve.

fashion stylist in india

Website/Social Media Page Links : Facebook-

Instagram – (most active here)

Twitter- (completely inactive here)

One word that describes me best : Self confidence!  😎 

tv actress fashion

As a person I am : Friendly & most understanding (That is how people compliment me)

Fashion to me is : A WOW & HOW factor.

tv actress sexy thighs

My sense of style : Easy casuals for days…Love semi formals, Summer dresses make me feel more youthful & happy. Evenings I like dressy.

Style Icon : Gigi Hadid

tv actress saree design

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Alexander McQueen

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Confessions Of A Shopaholic

hemu 11

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Curves & long legs

5 wardrobe essentials :

1. Smart formals

2. Heels

3. Denim Dress

4. Belts

5. Basic colour shirts & T-shirts

fashion stylist

My ideal outfit for a fun party : Hippy look

For formal work setting : White blouse with Flared trousers.

For casual day out with friends : Hot pants with a tank top or a casual short cotton dress.

For a hot date : LBD or any elegant fitted short dress.

tv actress in little black dress

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Peplum & clumsy look.   🙄 

Brands / Designers you wear : Zara, H&M, Forever 21, M&S, Splash, Koovs, Forever New, Jack&Jones, Vero Moda, CK, Mango, Pramod, actully many more… 😉 

A Perfume I swear by : Coco Chanel, SI by Giorgio Armani

tv actress short dress

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Marks & Spencers….I like basic colours & full cups (daily wear)

A valuable beauty tip : Don`t sleep without cleaning your face.

tv actress saree design

One message to the world : Live, Love, Laugh, Be Happy & Fashionable.


International Indian celebrity Rekha Rana

Rekha Rana is a Bollywood actress, theater artist, winner of Miss Delhi, Photogenic Face and Beautiful Smile titleholder in 2007. She is the brand ambassador for South African NGO called ‘Star NGO’ and ‘Save Our Women’ Campaign. Her first movie Ab Hoga Dharna Unlimited which is themed on Anna Hazare’s Dharna released on 13 April 2012. She has won Best Actress Award for her performance in a short film called Take Care at Rangs Singapore film festival, 2010. Rekha Rana performed more than 150 stage shows all over India and abroad with renowned Ank Theatre Group.

bollywood fashion

People know me as : Rekha Rana

Age : 26 Years

Profession : Actress

bollywood actress style

Website/Social Media Page Link : /

Facebook – 

Instagram – 

Twitter –

bollywood actress fashion

One word that describes me best : Honest.

As a person I am : Very Passionate about my work. I am honest and believe in working hard in life.

Fashion to me is : Very important and bring out the kind of person you are in your fashion sense. Fashion should reflect your personality.

airport look

My sense of style : Comfortable and smart casual always.

Style Icon : Jennifer Lopez.

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Giorgio Armani.

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Mughal – E – Azam.

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Smile. 🙂 

street style

6 wardrobe essentials : 

1) Plain white tee 
2) Elegant blazer and pants 
3) Little black dress 
4) Ballet flats 
5) A pair of classic pumps 
6) Smart sneakers 
bollywood actress thighs

My ideal outfit for a fun party : Shorts with a bikini top.

For formal work setting : Always shirt and trousers with a smart suit.

For casual day out with friends : Jeans and t-shirt.

For a hot date : One piece elegant dress.

red evening gown design

Fashion trend I cannot stand : High waisted bikinis. 😛 

Brands / Designers you wear : Depends what my stylist gives me for events otherwise for casual wear i like wearing Zara, Marks & Spenser, and for party Dolce and Gabbana or Giorgio Armani.

bollywood actress beach wear style

A Perfume I swear by : Channel Mademoiselle. 😀 

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Victoria Secret, Light colors.. Elegant.

rekha rana 10

A valuable beauty tip : No beauty is more than a good and kind heart. wear it always with a smile on your face and confidence in your walk.

One message to the world : Be yourself always. Reflect exactly what you are. Lot of people care a lot what others will think… you should just be what you are always. Your own kind of beautiful. 

Gauri Mehta : Synonym of hot fashion

People know me as : Gauri Mehta

Age : 21

Profession : Fashion Buyer

gauri mehta


Website/Social Media Page Links :

Instagram –

One word that describes me best : Ambitious ( Greedy actually )  😎 

shirt dress style

As a person I am : Well, I would say I am highly competitive. I could take criticism from someone and turn it into love. But at the same time I am extremely sensitive and emotional.

Fashion to me is : Something that gives you a path to differentiate yourself from the rest.

gym wear style

My sense of style : Bold but subtle, classy but differential.

Style Icon : Bella Hadid

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Donatella Versace

thigh boots

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Hard to choose actually… Devil wears prada!  😀 

One thing that makes me feel sexy : 7 inch stilettoes

5 wardrobe essentials :

1) Little red dress

2) Classic nude pumps

3) Classic blue boyfriend jeans

4) Backless black gown

5) White see through tee

double denim style

My ideal outfit for a fun party : Maybe a sequined black mini or a netted dress

For formal work setting : White blazer with a white pencil skirt & nude pointed stilettoes

For casual day out with friends : Denim hot pants with a see through white shirt & boots

For a hot date : A Backless red criss cross midi dress

backless red dress

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Tops with frills, Slip dresses.

Brands / Designers you wear Bershka, Topshop, Steve Madden, Lipsy London, Bebe, Guess.

A Perfume I swear by : Gucci – Flora (could die for it) 😆 

indian girl see through top

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Victoria’s secret & La Senza. Front opening bras, Lacy lingerie, Diamond studded bras

A valuable beauty tip : It’s not just about what you wear, but about how you wear it.  😎 

gauri mehta cleavage

One message to the world : Let’s rock the world looking lavish. 

Shraddha Arya the fashionista of Indian Tv

Shraddha Arya is an Indian actress who has appeared in television shows like Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki, Tumhari Paakhi and Dream Girl on Life OK. She has also done films such as Paathshaala and Nishabd. Arya has done a number of major ad campaigns with brands like TVS Scooty, Pears, Johnson & Johnson among many others.
tv actress thighs

People know me as : Shraddha Arya

Age : 29

Profession : Actor 

tv actress cleavage

Website/Social Media Page Links :

One word that describes me best : Simple!

As a person I am : Easy (like Sunday morning)  😀 

celebrities in lahenga

Fashion to me is : Knowing what goes well with your body, comfort and attitude. 

My sense of style : Probably a tiny step below Exceptional   😉 

Style Icon : Ivanka Trump 

tv actress real life picture

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Gucci , Christen Dior 

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Allie (Notebook)  

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Eyes… the look in his eyes  😈 

5 wardrobe essentials : Sexy black heels, a nice watch, well fitted bras, washed/torn blue jeans & a the Christen Dior lip balm (pink) 

tv celebrity at music fest

My ideal outfit for a fun party : Frills … (cheap) frills … lol  😆  

For formal work setting : A maxi dress 

For casual day out with friends : Jeans and a Tshirt

For a hot date : Body hugging long or a short dress 

tv actress in see through top

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Pierced tongues  😯 

Brands / Designers you wear : Not brand conscious 

A Perfume I swear by : Versace (Crystal) 

tv actress in bikini

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Victoria’s Secret & Marks & Spencer. I just love White! 

A valuable beauty tip : Drink lots of water.

celebrity in gown

One message to the world : You guys need to Calm down! (Chill)   😎